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Product Description:

Vanamo woven wrap Kide Punastus is blushing due to the compliments it is hearing from you. The combination of pink, white and black is blooming! Vanamo woven wraps are made from pure organic cotton and high quality Italian linen.

Although the cotton-linen Vanamo wrap is cool and airy for the summer, the wrap can very well be used during all seasons. Kide weave is diagonally elastic which means that the baby wrap gives optimum support for the baby and feels comfortable for both the wearer and baby. This thick wrap is perfect for heavy babies and toddlers. A new linen wrap can feel stiff at first but the fabric will become softer over time and after washing & using the wrap.

The word ”kide” means ice chrystals and the Kide pattern was inspired by the traditional hand woven Finnish linen textiles. The Kide weave is a complex mixture of twill and tabby weaves which create the unique stuctured, porous and comfortable weave. Kide pattern is designed by textile designer Katja Hynninen.

Sizes: The measurements for each size and tips for choosing the correct size can be found here.


  • 75 % organic cotton (GOTS)

  • 25 % Italian Linen (Masters of Linen)


Weight: 276 / 320 g/m2 (loom state / post wash)

Colours: turquoise, white and black


Manufacture: designed, weaved and sewn in Finland

How to care for your Vanamo wrap: Machine wash in warm water (40 celcius), hang dry, iron with medium heat. Ironing while still a little damp or use steam. Tumble dryer (with low heat) can be used occasionally and it will speed up the softening process, but please keep in mind that tumble drying will also wear out the fabric faster.

PLEASE NOTICE! We recommend washing the wrap before starting to use it. The weave will tighten up and obtain the final dencity & thickness. Each wrap includes some extra length to compansate shrinking.

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