Rose and Rebellion Big Kid

Comfort For You Both

Generously padded shoulder straps for ultimate comfort. Our ergonomic design spreads the weight effortlessly, comfortably distributing the weight so you can take on every adventure that comes your way. Baby Carriers come with straight arm straps giving the option to cross the straps if that’s how you roll and stroll. Superbly contoured s-shaped straps on the larger follow the anatomy of the human body, distributing the weight effortlessly to help compensate for the extra load. Oh and it looks fab too.

3 part waistband for a super supportive baby seat.
Healthy hips need optimum support and no one makes a seat like we do. A healthy hip spread in a natural upright position with thighs beautifully supported. Kiss, talk, cwtch and cuddle your little one in the comfiest ride around

Safe and Secure
Multi layered fabrics from Oeko-Tex 100 suppliers form the shell of our carriers. Heavy duty patented “Slick Click” buckles and high quality bonded threads means everything stays exactly where it should, safely securing your precious cargo.

Made in the UK
Made by a small team in rural coastal Wales. Every product that leaves our workshop has been handmade with love and attention to detail. We pride ourselves on our service and standards. It is our hope that every carrier we make gets passed through generations and spreads a little bit of the love and happiness that we put into making it.

Tested in compliance with BS EN 13209 which is a UK and European standard for soft structured carriers.
Sling consultants, sling libraries and many many happy customers worldwide have helped to contribute to the evolution of our products.
Tested in real life by real people to bring you the very best in Babywearing.


The maximum weight for the Pre-School and In-between carrier is a bit
of a grey area. At present there is no British or European Standard
for Pre-School Carriers that exists that we can then use as a bench
mark for testing.  The only BSEN that is available is for Baby
Carriers as a whole.

As such we use the same proven methods when sewing our Big kid Carriers as we do for the standard baby Carriers.
As we comply with the British standard for soft structured carriers
the highest weight we can officially recommend is 20kg as this is all
the standard will allow us to say.

However we have been making and selling the Pre-School and In-between
carriers for 10 years now and we know many customers that are happily
using them with aged 6,7 even 8 year olds so we have proven in the
real world that they are a very strong carrier however I can only
officially say they are suitable up to 20kg. We have also unofficially
tested them up to 9stone but as this has been done unofficially we
cannot adversities this.

It is something that I am looking into and trying to find a way around
as it doesn't seem right that we can't officially say they can go
to a higher weight.


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